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Whatsapp Tips & Tricks
Whatsapp Tips & Tricks

Awesome WhatsApp tips and tricks

Awesome WhatsApp tips and tricks

1.WhatsApp just keeps on growing, adding new features and users all the time. The prospect of sending texts and making calls for free has tempted a whopping 800 million people onto the Facebook-owned app at last count.

If you’re one of them, chances are there are a few elements of the app that still seem bewildering or annoying – the good news is many of them can be fixed if you know where to look.

2. How To switch between Phones

app2When you switch to a newer iPhone, or replace your old Android, you can take your chat history with you. If you use a microSD card, it’s as simple as Menu > Settings > Chat settings > Backup conversations.

Move the card over to the new phone, install WhatsApp, and Restore when prompted. If the backup is on internal storage, you can use a file explorer to find the /sdcard/WhatsApp/folder and move the contents manually.

Support for backing up to Google Drive is due to be added in the next build. Check the Apple website for iOS instructions.

3. How to find the last seen item

When you look at a contact on WhatsApp there’s usually a “last seen” time under their name, which tells you when they last checked the app.app3

If you don’t want people to be able to see when you’re using WhatsApp, you can set your “last seen” to Nobody. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy, but be aware that it will also prevent you from being able to see other people’s last seen time. You can also hide your profile photo, status, and turn off read receipts in the Privacy menu.


4. How to check when your message was read

You can tell when your message has been read in WhatsApp when the two ticks next to it in the chat window turn blue. Sometimes you may want to get a little extra detail.

Just tap and hold on the message and then tap the Info icon, and you’ll get a precise time. In iOS, you can also tap and drag the message to the left to get the time.

5. How to use Whatsapp on computer

If you have the Chrome browser installed on your computer or laptop then go to WhatsApp Web and follow the instructions for your phone.


You’ll need to make sure your phone is connected to the Internet, ideally through Wi-Fi, because the web app still syncs everything from your phone. Start up WhatsApp, find theWhatsApp Web option in the menu, and scan the QR code in the browser.

You can now start chats and get notifications right there on your computer. It doesn’t work on iOS.


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