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Levels of Leadership
Levels of Leadership

New ways to learn the truth about ourselves. Magic strands of a flying carpet.

Lessons that Lift You To The Next Life Level .

The First Law

Nothing Can Stop You From Starting Over

The best power you have for succeeding in life is your understanding that life gives you a new beginning any minute you begin new. Nothing that remained in your direction even a pulse before stands there now similarly.

It is all new, regardless of the possibility that you can’t up ’til now see it that way. You have just to test reality of this about the novelty of life to find the staggering flexibility that sits tight for you simply behind it. And after that nothing can stop you. You will know the genuine mystery and the ideal force of beginning once again.

The Second Law

Try not to Be Afraid To See When Something Does Not Work .

Figure out how to be touchy and to listen to the inward flags that attempt and let you know when something is not working. You realize what they are. Dissatisfaction and disdain to give some examples.

The nearness of these passionate inconveniences are not attempting to let you know that you can’t succeed, just that the street you have demanded taking so far does not lead where you need. Figuring out how to concede when something is not working is the same as showing yourself what will.


 Lessons for a Life Without Limits

The Third Law

In the event that It Does Not Flow, There Is More To Know

Figure out how to remember all types of strain – whether at work, in your innovative endeavors, or in your connections – as being superfluous. The erosion you feel mounting when occupied at some work is never brought about by the current workload, however by what you don’t yet think about it.

This implies the main genuine purpose behind your strain is that you have hold of a wrong thought you don’t yet see as off-base. This new knowledge permits you to discharge yourself by demonstrating to you what you have to know. Streaming takes after your new knowing.

The Fourth Law

Try not to Take The Easy Way

There is no making tracks in an opposite direction from what you don’t have the foggiest idea, which is the reason at whatever time you feel constrained to circumvent an issue by taking the easy way, that issue dependably comes round once more. What’s more, isn’t that what makes life appear to be so difficult?

Figure out how to see the “easy route” as a lying suspected that keeps you tied up and doing hard time. Getting something over is not the same as having it finished. What’s more, as this knowledge develops, so will your understanding that the entire thought of “the most difficult way possible” has dependably been only a lying thought too.

Presently you know: the complete way is the easy way. So volunteer to make “the most difficult way possible” your way and take in the genuine simple way.

The Fifth Law

On The Other Side Of The Resistance Is The Flow

There are in many cases when it feels just as you can’t go any more remote in your work or studies. Be that as it may, you can figure out how to go past any blockage. Make the accompanying clear to yourself.

Those minutes – when it feels as if you are minimum ready to get past yourself – are not letting you know that you have gone similarly as you can go, however just uncover that you have come to similarly as you most likely are aware – for the time being.

This higher self-information about your actual inward position permits you to see the resistance you are feeling for what it truly is: a limit, and not a shut entryway. Stroll through it.

Nothing can stop you. On the opposite side of the resistance is the stream. Figuring out how to go past you is the same as going into the new.

The Sixth Law

Look For The Opportunity To Learn Something New

Everything is transforming constantly. That implies life is a perpetual event for discovering some new information. Be that as it may, this implies more than meets the eye. Generally as you are a piece of everything, everything is a piece of you.

The entire of life is associated. What’s more, your capacity to learn is a piece of the miracle of this complete, yet steadily evolving, entirety. Learning serves as a window, not just into the unpredictable world you see around you, however through it you may likewise investigate the you that is occupied with investigating the world.

Furthermore, when you have realized there is no limit to what you can see about the astounding scenes turning both around and inside you, you will likewise know there is no limit to you. So stay alert. Gain some new useful knowledge consistently. You will love the wonderful way that makes you feel about yourself.

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