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Girl Using Boyfriend
Girl Using Boyfriend

Signs: Know if you are being used by a Girl

Signs: Know if you are being used by a Girl

Being used is never nice. It could be you’re being drawn into a relationship when it’s neither appropriate nor healthy. Love and romance are beautiful feelings and they are the only emotions that make life worth living. But unfortunately, there are some men and women who use the very same feeling to exploit others. Here are  signs to know if you are being used.

She wants a lot of space 

Every time she ignores you or pushes you away, you may find yourself falling more madly in love with her. On the other hand, she’s probably not only playing you like a puppet, but having sex with other guys who probably don’t treat her even half as nice as you do. Remember this – when a girl claims to really like you, but avoids you for stretches of time despite claiming to “never get tired of spending time with you” there’s a good chance there’s another guy in her life and that given the opportunity, Save yourself for a better woman.

Behaves like a friend

Does your new girlfriend behave like a friend now and then! She hugs you and cuddles you, and then pushes you away and tells you it’s all happening too fast and she’s not ready for it. Any girl who behaves like a girlfriend but prefers to stay friends is obviously using your love and affection to feel better about herself.

She uses flattery

Whenever she wants a favor from you, she talks sweet and gives you lots of attention. She uses flattery as a weapon. She uses love making as a weapon. If your girlfriend discusses money matters in bed that too, before a steamy session with you, you might need to think twice about the relationship.

You are not introduced as a boyfriend

This is a no brainer here. But it’s something most guys in love almost always forgive and forget. Have you ever been introduced as just a friend. If she’s convinced that you’re the man in her life, she’d proudly display you like a primped up puppy in a dog show. But if she’s just using you, there’s a very good chance that you relationship status will remain as friends.

No sex

If you’ve been taking this girl out for months, been fixing her car, buying her stuff, basically being a boyfriend without any of the intimacy, you’re being used. Now, granted some women say they want to wait till marriage. That’s fine. But, if she hasn’t so much as held your hand, kissed you, let you get to second base, and you’ve been “dating” her for six, seven, twelve months.. dude you’re being used. Now, man up, take your testicles back and get the hell out of there.

She demands gifts and often wants to know about your Bank Balance

She tries to breakup with you when you stop giving here expensive gifts. This is one sign she is after your material possessions and not your personality.

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