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Thousands attend Art of Living event despite rains

r2Thousands  stuck on roads due to traffic jam on  roads leading to the venue on the Yamuna floodplain .The three-day World Culture Festival being organised by the Art Of Living Foundation commenced in New Delhi on Friday evening after initial disruptions caused by rain and traffic issues.

PM Narendra Modi arrived at the venue shortly after 5.30 pm.


As the dusty Yamuna  turned to mess, it made walking  impossible and vehicles  also got stuck. Those who were already inside ran for cover to escape the rains.

Organizers were concern as the clouds darkened over Delhi.

The dark clouds along with  thunder followed by heavy rains left the organizers, participants and the onlookers helpless and traumatized.

People were  covering themselves with plastic sheets. Some others protected by umbrellas.

“It is slippery. The road leading to the venue has turned marshy. I had to walk carefully,” said Anuj Kumar, who had come from north Delhi to attend the cultural jamboree.Policemen and volunteers tried to manage the crowd, but could not control the chaos.

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