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Vijay Mallya flee to London-Absconding

vm3Vijay Mallya, who flew here on March 2, joins a long list of controversial Indian and other foreign citizens who find Britain a safer place than their home countries.

Britain has a long and proud history of providing refuge to those fleeing political and religious persecution, but the lines with financial and other offences are increasingly blurred.

Over centuries, hundreds of thousands from various countries secured refuge and asylum in Britain, including the Huguenots, people from Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Indians expelled from Idi Amin’s Uganda in the early 1970s.

Britain’s contemporary unease

vmWith increasing numbers of refugees is reflected in tighter updates in law: The popular perception is against welcoming refugees any more, but this does not evidently extend to high net worth individuals.

Wanted in India, living in Britain

Some recent cases of individuals wanted for alleged offences in India:

· Vijay Mallya (financial offences)

· Lalit Modi (financial offences)

· Ravi Shankaran (Indian Navy war room leak case)

· Tiger Hanif (1993 blasts in Gujarat)

· Nadeem Saifi (Gulshan Kumar murder case)

· Raymond Varley (UK citizen; child abuse cases in Goa)

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